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The Funny Side of Science is a documentary series that proves why imagination and poetry, even brilliant madness, are essential to science. Through layers and layers of laughter, the film brings us to consider this scientific approach. What are the effects of a roller coaster ride for treating asthma? Does the use of profanity help dull the pain? What’s faster to swim in, water or syrup? Can a patient explode during a colonoscopy? These questions may seem comical but the answers are what many research teams around the world have been looking for… The best of them win the Ig Nobel Prize, which is awarded each year at Harvard thanks to its founder, Improbable Research.

The success of the first film in the series, The Funny Side of Science, on France 5, precedes the production launch for the other five episodes.

In addition to their first joint venture, Improbable Research and FL Concepts & co decided to co-develop two other programs:
– A live or replay webcast of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony,
– Thirteen scientific mini-operas, in which real Nobel Prize winners participate,

The programs resulting from our collaboration,” explains Frédéric Lepage, “are opening a new pathway for scientific programs: those aimed for entertainment. A genre not fully explored but will soon trigger a new trend.

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